JLU Installation Instructions

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  1. the Hardtop- The short bolts go with the short handles in the front, and the long bolts go with the long handles in the rear. Start by placing the small black washer onto the bolt, then run the bolt through the eyelet on the handle. You can display either side. Then run the bolt through the circled hole in the attached picture, place the large silver washer on the top and install the nylon locknut

    Notes:The nut will only turn 1-2 turns by hand then (insert tools) will be needed. Also, for the front handles, it will help to remove the 2 freedom panels to make top access easier. There is more clearance in the rear so removing the top is not necessary.

  2. For the Soft Top and Sky One Touch Top- Simply remove the bolts from the circled holes, run the bolt through the eyelet and reinstall the bolt. We recommend removing the bolts one at a time to prevent the top from shifting.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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