About Us

Here at AOP the idea started on the 4th floor of a college dorm. We began making paracord gear for our personal use, then our friends, then their family. At this point we realized there was a market for high quality paracord gear but at a reasonable price point. We decided to start this business with the purpose of making the highest quality gear and selling it at a fair price.

We now have a shop and do this full time. We hand make every item with a machine we designed to assist us. Because of this we have the most uniform and tightly woven gear on the market.

We believe we have the best gear on the market and are willing to stand behind them. For this reason we offer a lifetime warranty against product failure. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns we would love to talk with you! We also do custom orders and can special order any color paracord to match your other gear. You can contact us in any of the ways listed below. 

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/ao.paracord/

Email- american.outdoors.para@gmail.com

Cell Phone- 731-506-5222- Justin Merchant (Text or Call-leave message please)

We appreciate your consideration and business! See you at the next Jeep event!